Thursday, May 7, 2015

150 Year Anniversary of San Bernardino Masonic Lodge #178

Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 San Bernardino Masonic Lodge #178 -Freemasonry- bluelodge masonry of CA

Friday, January 16, 2015

Double first degree father and son _ San Bernardino Masonic Lodge _ Starting off the new year 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's eve/New Year's 2015 get together under fellowship. San Bernardino Freemasonry.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Masonic Lodge Dedication at San Bernardino.

From the Guardian, October 7th  A.D.1871

   On Tuesday morning, at 11 o'clock, the cornerstone of the Masonic Hall, now being erected in this city, on Utah street, was laid with most impressive and solemn ceremonies by the Masonic fraternity. H. C. Rolfe, acting Grand Master of Phoenix Lodge, No. 178, officiating. 

   At half-past nine o'clock, the Turn Vereln Society, in command of L. Caro, left their Hall headed by the Wilmington Brass Band, marched down Third and Fourth streets to the City Academy, where they joined the members of the San Bernardino Literary Institute and proceeded to Third street, opposite the Masonic Hall, where the column was halted. At ten o'clock the resident and visiting Masons, in command of Grand Marshal S. P. Waite and Assistant Grand Marshal N. Noble, emerged from their Lodge room  escorted by the Odd Fellow fraternity, in full dress, and formed a line on Third street. There were about fifty members of the Masonic fraternity and in their regalia they presented an Imposing spectacle. After forming in line the column moved off up third street, headed by the brass band, to Lake street, thence to Fourth and down that to the building site of the new Hall, where the column halted and the ranks opened in the usual manner, and members of the Masonic Lodge passed through to the platform erected at the northeast corner of the building. Soon after the procession had formed in order, and the vast assemblage became seated, the order of exorcises was opened by acting Grand Master, H. C. Rolfe, in a few remarks appropriate to the occasion.

An ode was then sung by a choir of gentlemen.

   Prayer was then offered by acting Grand Chaplain S. Bergel, after which the Grand Master ordered the stone to be raised. The stone is a very fine piece of granite, three feet long by two and one-half feet in width and one foot thick, on which is inscribed the following;

L. E. P.    

A.L. 5781

   Tho Grand Treasurer, Louis Jacobs, then deposited the box containing various coins, By-laws of Phoenix Lodge No. 178, Wilmington Lodge No. 198, San Diego Lodge No. 30, Anaheim Lodge No. 202, Lexington Lodge No. 104, Los Angeles Lodge No. 42, McClellan, Texas, Lodge No. 159, Selby, Va., Lodge No. 162, and San Bernardino Lodge No. 146, I. O. O. F.; Grand Lodge proceedings 187 report. Also the names of members of the following Lodges: San Diego, Pantalphia, Wilmington, Phoenix, Lexington and San Bernardino Lodge I. O. O. F. Copy of the San Bernardino Guardian of September 30th, 1871. Copies of the San Francisco Alta and Masonic Mirror. History of tho Lodge. List of officers, and members of the Young Men's Literary Institute of San Bernardino ; and the stone was lowered to its place in the usual Masonic form as laid down in the Masonic Chart, after which the Architect reported to the Grand Master that the stone awaited his inspection. Then followed the presentation of the gold and silver vessels containing corn, wine and oil, which were poured upon the stone.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

San Bernardino California Masonic Temple A.D.1959
 San Bernardino California Masonic Temple A.D.1883  _ 4th & D, street